EasyJet’s “Speak Now” feature is the latest sign that brands are building out voice-powered features for their mobile apps. Marketers are more likely to prioritize voice assistants on smartphones than on other devices such as smart speakers, cars and wearables due to their omnipresence in consumers’ lives.

About 87% of marketers said having a voice app on a smartphone is “extremely” or “significantly” important, per a survey by Voicebot and Voices.com. That’s ahead of automobiles (73%), smart speakers (73%), smart TVs (56%) and wearables (48%), the survey found.

Mobile Marketeer reports on the additional Voice input opportunity for people using the iOS EasyJet app. Some Voice use cases make a lot of sense for the phone, on the other hand it might be challenging to compete with the habit of touch inside a device that’s touch first. I’m looking forward to see whether the implementation will create a better experience for the app users.

Source: Mobilemarketer.com